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The Uppsala English Bookshop partners with Audible for digital audiobooks download

When we announced to our customers that we were starting a partnership with Kobo in Canada for ebooks it was immediately suggested to us we try to do something similar for digital audiobooks. So we are now happy to announced that we have partnered with Audible for your digital audiobook needs.

All you have to do is use the link below every time you go to make a purchase and The English Bookshop will get a commission on your purchase. It won't cost you any more than a normal purchase but we will benefit from your purchase and thus be able to keep our physical shops open selling physical books.

So; is the place to go for ebooks. Feel free to bookmark this page everywhere. Put it into your smartphones, ereaders, whatever format you're on. And always use it. For those of you who want audiobooks on cd go here (» Want audiobooks on cd? Check them out here!)

Thanks for your help. And enjoy your (e)listening.

  • Buy digital audiobooks at the best source for digital audiobooks in the world; Audible
  • Support The English Bookshop by using the link below
  • Audible will handle all steps of the sales, but The English Bookshop will get a commission

Remember: always enter Audible from this page! If you enter Audible direct or through their own links, The English Bookshop will NOT get a commission. Thank you!

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